Monday, 18 May 2009

Happy Victoria Day!

While there are still a few hours left in the 2009 edition of the Victoria Day weekend, I thought I'd take some time to reflect on a very successful weekend from a Monarchist perspective.

Yes, while the usual suspects predictably called for an end to the monarchy, today most Canadians spent time celebrating the day in a variety of ways. No doubt, thousands of us will enjoy fireworks displays tonight - a Victoria Day tradition.

Yours truly wrote an op-ed piece for one of the community newspapers in my hometown of Hamilton. You can check it out here. I also had the opportunity to promote our cause on CityTV's CityOnline. Over 90% of the callers and messages to the live show were supportive of the monrchy. And, their phone poll netted a 4-to-1 result in favour the Monarchy. Not even close!

Kudos to everyone in the League who handled media calls this weekend. The exposure our cause has received is fantastic. The Toronto Star featured an article on the League's new University of Toronto Branch and the Calgary Herald interviewed one of our young members about his thoughts on the Crown.

But, perhaps the most exciting statement came from Her Majesty's representative in Canada, the Governor General. Her Excellency's touching media release talked about the importance of the Crown and paid homage to The Queen.

I am pleased to relaunch this blog and to share with you information about the Crown and the League. We are now on Facebook and Twitter. This blog, I hope, will complement these tools as yet another way to communicate with you.

Happy Victoria Day!