Monday, 1 June 2009

In The Queen We Trust

Canadians, it appears, trust The Queen. According to a Reader's Digest survey, The Queen is the second most trusted Canadian. Social critic Robert Fulford states that "We admire those who stick to the same job forever and ever. What we feel for them is a deeper-than-politics conservative instinct. In this sense, Wayne Gretzky is the perfect Canadian athlete. The Queen qualifies in the same way.”

That The Queen ranks so high is not surprising. For almost 60 years, Her Majesty has served Canadians dutifully and selflessly. The Queen has always put the interests of Canada ahead of herself. That is what a constitutional monarch does.

Trust is definitely a characteristic we should look for in a head of state. After all, this is the person who appoints our Governor General (who herself appears on the list), the person who holds ultimate executive authority in our government, the person in whose name laws are passed and enforced, and the person who raises above day-to-day divisive politics to represent all of us.

The survey also asked Canadians whom they would trust in particular situations. The Queen came in a resounding first when asked whom they trusted to keep an embarassing secret. Again, this should not be a surprise. If there is one person in the world prime ministers and others can consult and console in, it's Her Majesty.

The lesson I take from this survey is that Her Majesty The Queen, with age, experience, care, and compassion, continues to garner the respect - and trust! - of Canadians.

Now, how many republican politician presidents could match that? Not very many, I imagine. Not very many.

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