Monday, 29 June 2009

Our Union Jack bloomers in a twist...

I couldn't help but laugh when I read this insightful commentary by Rafe Mair. Mr. Mair definitely has his hate-on for the Monarchist League of Canada. That must mean we are making a real difference out there, my friends!

Now, Mr. Mair, believe it or not was actually British Columbia's minister responsible for constitutional affairs leading up to the repatriation of the Constitution back in the 80s. How scary is that?

Mr. Rafe's rant about the MLC is full of the typical stereo-types. But, his suggestion that we simply make the Governor General the head of state is jaw-dropping. (And, this guy represented BC in constitutional negotiations? Yikes)

Yes, it is true that the Governor General performs most (not all) of the constitutional duties of the Crown, but it is important to remember that the GG draws her authority from The Queen. She represents The Queen. The Queen appoints her. See the problem, Mr. Rafe? If you get rid of The Queen, from where does the GG draw her authority? Who does she represent? And, how does she become GG? Hmm, back to the drawing board, sir.

In the meantime, I am honoured that we amuse you.


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