Monday, 29 June 2009

Royal Visit, GG to Open Olympics, GG Presents New Queen's Colour

Happy Monday, Monarchists.

It sure has been a busy weekend in the world of monarchy. It was with great enthusiasm that the League welcomed the news that the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall will embark on an extensive tour in Canada this November. As you may know, this visit has been a long time in the works. As the heir to the Canadian throne, it is imperative that Canadians get more acquanited with Charles and Camilla. I believe this tour is crucial to the long-term health of the Crown in this country; I also believe this tour will be a resounding success!

This weekend also brought the announcement that the Governor General will open the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. I know that many of you wanted to see Her Majesty The Queen - our head of state - open the Games. Believe me, in an ideal world this would have occurred. But, we don't live in an ideal world, and to be perfectly honest, I would much rather have Her Majesty visit various parts of the country when she does come (later in 2010) when better weather will make the visit that much more enjoyable - for Canadians and for Her Majesty!

The third bit of royal news had the Governor General present a new Queen's Colour to the Canadian Navy. It is always refreshing to see how seriously Her Excellency takes her role as Commander-in-Chief.

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djhaisell said...

It's a pity she couldn't open the Olympics and stay until after the naval centenary celebrations, crossing the country very slowly and spending some time in Rideau Hall and La Citadelle. I'm sure Jean wouldn't have minded!