Friday, 3 July 2009

Promoting the Prince of Wales

Canada Day is always a day I look forward to. I enjoy the pomp and circumstance, the fireworks, and the performances on Parliament Hill. It is a day to reflect on our history as a nation, what it means to be Canadian, and how fortunate we are to live in such a country.

But, this year something soured the occasion for me. And, no I'm not talking about my beloved Tiger-Cats' dreadful performance...although that didn't help. Rather, I am referring to a poll published by the Globe and Mail that indicated only 35% of Canadians want to retain the monarchy after The Queen's reign ends.

Of course, we all know that polls are not definite. They're simply the opinions of a particular cross-section of the population on a particular subject at a particular point in time. So, while there is no need for us monarchists to hit the panic button we do have some work to do.

We need to do a better job at promoting the Prince of Wales. Period. Charles' ideals are ones that resonate with Canadians: the environment, organic farming, architecture, charity, bridging the gap between the world's diverse religions and culture, etc. I am confident that if Canadians knew more about their future king they would be much, much more supportive of him.

Of course, it hasn't helped that Canadians have not seen Charles on Canadian soil since 2001. Fortunately, we will host Their Royal Highnesses this Fall on a cross-country tour. But, eight years is simply too long between royal homecomings. Is it any wonder that Canadians have lost interest?

Between now and November the League will launch a series of initiatives promoting Canada's future king. In the meantime, I encourage you to spread the word on the many wonderful accomplishments of Charles, Prince of Wales.


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djhaisell said...

I remember hearing that he has a great deal of fondness for Canada's First Nations--always a plus in the era of land claims. It's said that the First Nations still have a great deal of respect for the monarchy.