Monday, 19 October 2009

Diminishing monarchist forces? Think again!

Today's Toronto Star features an opinion piece by Randall White. Mr. White is a known anti-monarchist and is a member of Citizens for a Canadian Republic, a small Toronto-based republican group. He regularly writes articles disparaging the monarchy such as this one.

In his latest attack on the Crown, Mr. White makes two references to "diminishing monarchist forces." Diminishing monarchist forces, eh, Mr. White? Are these the same diminishing forces that appeared in headlines across the country? The same ones that played a key role in highlighting the head-of-stateism-by-stealth campaign at Rideau Hall, that ultimately lead to a statement by the Prime Minister of Canada and Rideau Hall's correcting their Website?

Are these the same diminishing forces that will be called on to provide insight and opinion on the upcoming Royal Homecoming of The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall? The same ones who forced BC Ferries last year to restore The Queen's portraits to its fleet? The same ones who have cemented a monarchist mentality at Canada Post and the Royal Canadian Mint?

Are these the same diminishing forces that every day add new members (especially young Canadians) to its fold? The same ones with a rapidly growing Facebook and Twitter presence?

One interesting aspect I noticed in the wake of the head of state fiasco was the absence of any real discussion about whether Canada should keep or abolish the monarchy. None of the major newspapers called for a republic. Even those less sympathetic to the Crown defended Her Majesty. Indeed, nobody was interested in a republic. The silence was deafening.

Sorry, Mr. White. But, it doesn't look like it's the monarchist forces who are diminishing...

Until next time,
Proud Monarchist Parasite!

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Andrew Cook-Jolicoeur said...

So good to be reading this, and have the confirmation that one is not absolutely alone in being a loyal subject of HM The Queen -- the media and others notwithstanding, i.e. when they get around to mentioning the Crown at all...