Friday, 16 October 2009

An immigrant's response to the head of state fiasco

I received the following Email from Kwan Ho Leung in Ontario. It is a copy of an Email he sent to Rideau Hall expressing his disappointment with Mme Jean's referring to herself as "head of state."

I became a Canadian citizen almost 10 years ago and nothing in the long process of citizenship made me prouder than swearing allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II as our Head of State.

This is why when I read that the Governor General called herself the Head of State, I was deeply dismayed and offended. When one of your staffers said she was the "de facto" head, it made me even angrier.

As most new and old Canadians know, the Governor General is the Queen's representative and a representative can never be the actual person being represented. Please make sure that this silly mistake is not going to happen again.

We swear allegiance to the Queen, not the Governor General.

Kwan Ho Leung

My experience is that the vast majority of new Canadians have a solid understanding of and appreciation for Canada's monarchy. Surely, if newcomers to Canada are expected to learn about our constitutional realities, that same expectation must apply to those at Rideau Hall.

Thank-you, Kwan Ho, for sharing with me your letter.

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Rashed said...

Being an immigrant myself, I agree completely with Kwan Ho Leung. I, too, was proud to swear my allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II when I became a Canadian citizen. I admire the Governor-General (who, of course, is a fellow-immigrant), but she should remember her job title.