Tuesday, 20 October 2009

A Linc In Time

Yesterday evening I had the privilege of attending a screening of A Linc In Time, a documentary on the life of Lincoln Alexander, former Lieutenant Governor of Ontario.

The special evening was hosted by Ontario's current Lieutenant Governor, David Onley, at his Queen's Park suite.

My first memory of Linc (as he is commonly known) is from my childhood when I was in Cub Scouts. Every year, there was a Scout parade in downtown Hamilton. We took this parade very seriously, and I can still recall how nervous we got when we marched past the Honourable Lincoln Alexander, who'd always offer us a vice-regal wave upon passing.

A Linc In Time is a "surprising, funny, often heartbreaking but always inspiring account of his childhood, loves of his life, successes and tragedies are all shared by the Honourable Alexander himself, in his own words." If you get a chance to watch this documentary, I promise you won't be disappointed.

Linc holds a special place in the hearts of Hamiltonians. He is our hero and our success story. For me, Lincoln Alexander, like The Queen he so proudly represented, is the epitome of service, honour, and dedication.

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