Thursday, 15 October 2009

Proud to be a Parasite, Senator

Whenever the Monarchist League is in the news there are two things that I know are bound to come: 1) Emails, letters, and phone calls of praise, and 2) Emails, letters, and phone calls of condemnation. The latter - often outrageous sometimes downright nasty - I jokingly refer to as my "fan mail."

Out of the woodwork will come the same tired anti-monarchists: the false nationalists who insist the Crown is not Canadian; the anti-British crowd who blame the UK for all of the world's ills including the Toronto Maple Leafs' 42-year-old Stanley Cup drought; the ideologues who cannot reconcile monarchism with democracy (y'know because Canada, UK, Sweden, Japan, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, etc. aren't democratic), and, of course, the disenchanted Quebec nationalist who detests anything even remotely English.

In the wake of last week's so-called head of state debate, I received a message on my voicemail from retired Sentator Laurier LaPierre. "I'm Senator LaPierre" the message started (yeah, Hello to you to, sir). Mr. LaPierre then went on to say that although "it may not be in the law, or in paper, or in the stupid constitution...the Governor General is the head of state." Huh?

"As soon as we get rid of the monarchical system and become who we are supposed to be we will be much better of." I'm still trying to figure out who we are actually supposed to be.

The good senator wraps up by saying, "only parasiittttttteessss want to be subjeecctttttt to the foreign queen. Good bye!"

I was left shaking my head, left wondering how interesting the conversation might have been had I managed to actually pick up his call. I would have told him, quite frankly, that I am proud to be a parasite then!

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