Friday, 6 November 2009

Christina Blizzard puts the boots to republican

Today's Toronto Sun features a great "royal rumble" between Sun Media columnist Christina Blizzard and republican Tom Freda. Note to Freda. Nobody cares about Mitchell Sharp. Quit trying to associate the Monarchy with the Nazis and the slave trade. The strategy is absurd, offensive, and doesn't work.

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Anyone else growing tired of CBC's less-than-stellar coverage of the Royal Homecoming? Really, I'd expect better from our national public broadcaster. Constantly focusing on pointless polls (of which can be easily countered by contradicting polls, I might add) suggesting Canadians are not interested (did they not see the crowds yesterday at Dundurn Castle in Hamilton or at Varsity Stadium in Toronto?), constantly bringing out so-called "experts" predicting the end of the monarchy. My favourite was a British on Earth is he an expert? I guess, they are setting the mood for this doozie.

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As our Australian friends are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the defeat of the republic referendum, a visit to that Realm by Prince William has been announced. His presence will surely be a big boost to monarchist forces Down Under. The visit to Australia was added to Prince William's first official visit to New Zealand.

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In closing, I leave you with my favourite moment of the royal visit thus far. Yesterday, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall visited Dundurn Castle in Hamilton. An energetic crowd of 3000+ gathered to welcome them. The crowd erupted when the Royal Couple stepped onto the balcony to greet and wave to the crowd below.

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AuntyTam said...

CBC's coverage has been very disappointing, and CTV hasn't been much better. In my search for better coverage, I have turned to a little Victoria station, CHEK tv. Our national networks have let us down. I'd love to see more live "walk-abouts" (and less cynical commentary!).