Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Quit the whining, Join the party.

As the Royal Couple continue their Royal Homecoming in Ontario ("Loyal She Began, Loyal She Remains" on Day 3 of the royal visit, I extend an invite to the party-poopers out there to quit the whining and join in the fun.

So far, we've managed just fine to get through a series of pointless polls, some nasty weather, the ever predictable Jeffrey Simpson and Allan Fotheringham columns (snooze!), and the "hilarious" reporting by Rosie DiManno, the Big Smoke's new found comedienne (she also likes to knock us Hamiltonians!). Oh, and of course we can't forget Gilles Duceppe who wants us to know that he has no time for the Royals.

But, there are a few things I really do need to get of my chest, so here goes.

First, what's with the obsession of analysing attendance figures? Funny how some media reported "large" crowds in St John's, others reported "small". What gives? And, my favourite was when those pointed out that there were fewer than a hundred people in Cupids, Newfoundland and Labrador yesterday. Ah, Cupids has all of 700 people altogether. That's 10% of the population. Last year's Super Bowl, by comparison, drew 71,000 or less about 2% of the population of metropolitan Tampa, Florida. Was the Super Bowl a flop?

Second, why do some people constantly complain about the cost? My God, the world must think we're a bunch of cheapskates. I don't know exactly how much this royal visit is costing, but I'm guessing less than $3 million. Hardly a drop in the bucket in the grand scheme of things. One republican jumped on the H1N1 hysteria machine and suggested that that money could be spent on buying more H1N1 vaccine. Good grief.

Before anti-monarchists complain about spending a few million dollars they need to consider three things: 1. Monarchists (the majority of Canadians) are taxpayers, too. We don't mind our portion paying for this. 2. The cost is worth it when you consider how many thousands of lives are touched by those royal well wishers who get out to see the Royal Couple. 3. There is an economic return on investment. Think about it. People lining up to see the Royal Couple will buy a coffee, catch a bite to eat, maybe even go shopping before or after the royal event. A royal visit is an excellent way to stimulate our recession-hurt economy.

Third, why are anti-monarchists so rude, nasty, and even hateful? The world of the Internet has given people the ability to express themselves. But, reading through some of the comments left by people is often a real chore. Sometimes, the odd republican will post a well thought out point of view. But, most in their camp are posting such insightful posts as "Stupid Royal Family," "Who cares about Chuck?," and "I hate Britain and the Queen." I have to say that republicans are the most bitter, depressing lot around. They need to lighten up.

Instead of whining, how about everyone welcome the Prince and Duchess with open arms? Learn about some of the exciting places (like Cupids) they are visiting. Consider the excitement they're bringing to many (like the young man in St. John's who gave the Prince his business card). Enjoy the cultural shows and displays they are experiencing.

So, to Jeffrey Simpson, Allan Fotheringham, Rosie DiManno, Gilles Duceppe, Tom Freda, and the other anti-monarchists out there: Join the party. It's a lot more fun on this side of the fence :)

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Rashed said...

Right on.

djhaisell said...

$3 million? That comes out to less than ten cents per Canadian. If the republicans want to give me their addresses, I'll be glad to send them their dimes.