Friday, 20 November 2009

Selecting the Governor General

The Globe and Mail's sudden change of heart when it comes to the monarchy is most welcome. As you may already know, the Globe now endorses Canada's constitutional monarchy. In an editorial last week, the paper presented a proposal that attempts to remove political patronage from the selection process for the Governor General.

I've always had mixed feelings on how The Queen's representative should be selected. Removing any perception of political patronage is certainly welcome. But, careful attention must be paid to ensure that changing the selection process doesn't politicalize the office or affect The Queen's right to appoint HER representative.

While I am happy that the Globe is now in the monarchist camp, I admit that I am not a fan of the their proposal to establish some sort of advisory board to determine who will represent the Crown. For me, it puts the selection process in the hands of the elite and weakens both the Prime Minister's prerogative and The Queen's authority - two vital features of our constitutional monarchy.

Also, I don't know if patronage is as much a problem with vice-regal appointments as some may make it out to be. Whether or not you approve of Adrienne Clarkson or Michaëlle Jean, I think you'd be hard pressed to label either of the last two vice-regals patronage appointments.

But, winds of change do appear to be in the air. And, even monarchists are clamouring for change.

So, here's an open invitation for all monarchists. Let's brainstorm together. How should the Governor General be selected?

I welcome your input. Please Email your suggestions and ideas to me at

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