Monday, 21 December 2009

The answer to creeping republicanism? Creeping monarchism!

Last week, the Attorney General of the Australian state of Victoria, Rob Hulls pulled a classic, textbook example of creeping republicanism. Creeping republicanism is a term used by monarchists to describe a sneaky, underhanded act of undermining the Crown, always with little or no consultation.

Mr. Hulls announced that beginning next year criminal proceedings in Victorian courts will be brought in the name of the "Director of Public Prosecutions" instead of The Queen. His rationale? Modernization, of course. Oh, and apparently using the word "Queen" makes the court process all too "mystifying," according to Law Institute of Victoria. I am sure people will now be much more at ease knowing they're up against the Director of Public Prosecutions. Good grief.

Creeping republicanism is a spiteful game played by republicans who deep down realise that they simply cannot achieve their ultimate goal of turning their country into a republic. So, they resort to chipping away at references and visual images associated with the monarchy little by little, piece by piece, with the hope that one day people will simply forget about it and suddenly agree to abolish it.

Like Australia, we have experienced plenty of creeping republicanism here in Canada. Whether, it is removing The Queen from the oath taken by civil servants. Taking down The Queen's portrait. Or erasing The Queen's name from diplomatic Letters of Credence. Unfortunately, creeping republicanism does rear its ugly head every now and then.

The good news is that no act of creeping republicanism does a darn thing to alter the fact that we are a constitutional monarchy. It's more frustrating to monarchists than damaging. But, monarchists also have the ability to fight back. How best to fight back? Creeping monarchism.

Long ago, the Monarchist League of Canada shifted from being a reactionary organization that would sit back and wait for the next opportunity to defend the Crown to being a proactive organization that would go on the attack to promote the Crown.

The positive results are starting to appear. Creeping monarchism can reverse the trend of creeping republicanism one step at a time. Portraits of The Queen have been restored at many post offices, thanks to our members. References to the Crown and The Queen in particular are plentiful in the federal government's new citizenship guide book. Politicians are even making monarchical references in their speeches again.

So, Rob Hulls can go about his merry way and play the creeping republicanism game. But, no matter how hard he tries, no matter what he does, he knows deep down that he simply cannot win. He cannot turn his country, Australia, into a republic. For in 2010, despite his removing The Queen from court proceedings, Australia - like Canada - will still be a constitutional monarchy.

Until next time,
Robert / The D.C.


radical royalist said...

Thank you for highlighting the appalling move by Rob Hulls. He reacted very aggressively, when Monarchists dared to oppose his move. He's not a man who wants discussion about his actions. All the more it is necessary that what he is doing is undermining the Constitution.

David Byers said...

Having revisited the Canadian Monarchist league's website I am reminded just how far behind you we Australian monarchist are. Here many monarchists argue by almost apologising for their support for the Crown.

Australian’s seem to be different to Canadians in that there are many Australians who passionately hate the monarchy. Our politicians do everything they can to remove references to the Crown, than use these removals to point out that the Crown is irrelevant, e.g. “we don’t sing God Save the Queen any more, new citizens don’t make an oath to the Queen so why have the Queen?” See the problem we have?

If anyone ever tries to overturn what has been done the media presents it as “monarchist who are trying to make us take a step backwards into the past”

What on earth can we possibly do?