Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Of course, Prince William is the future of the monarchy

No, he's not a Shadow King. Nor is he supplanting his father in the line of succession. But, make no mistake about it...Prince William is the future of the monarchy.

News of Prince William's increasing official royal duties created quite the frenzy this week, often borderlining on downright insane. Somehow, visits to New Zealand and Australia suddenly morphed into some Shakespearean tragedy complete with sinister plots to somehow oust the Prince of Wales.

Yes, in time The Queen may gradually cut back on some - but I wouldn't expect too many - engagements. Yes, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall will pick up some of the slack. And, yes Princes William and Harry will indeed kickstart their respective royal careers into high gear.

But, boy are the media types reading (and writing) waaaaay too much into the situation.

Even though The Queen is going to be 84 next year, by all accounts she appears to be as robust as ever and shows no sign of slowing down. I wish I had half of her energy. Further, most people would probably agree that the words "retire" and "abdicate" are not in Her Majesty's vocabulary. In short, our Queen ain't going away anytime soon. And, long may she reign!

But, of course, Prince William is the future of the monarchy. He is only 27. He is extremely popular, and he could very well be the monarchy's greatest weapon against republicanism and apathy.

A sense of panic is already starting to take hold in republican circles Down Under. They sense the pending tide of monarchist sentiment - it could be more like a monarchist tsunami - that is about to come their way. Prince William - the future of the monarchy - is coming!

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Robert / The D.C.

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