Monday, 8 February 2010

League's luncheon commemorates Queen's accession to the throne

Yesterday, I was joined by over a 120 League members and friends at the King Edward Hotel in Toronto for the annual Accession Sunday luncheon.  With the Honourable David Onley, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, as our guest of honour, we marked the 58th anniversary of The Queen's Reign.

As His Honour pointed out, commemorating the accession is a day of mixed emotions.  Not only do we celebrate our Queen's reign, but we also remember with sadness the death King George VI.

Our guest speaker was former Minister of Canadian Heritage Sheila Copps, who in 2002 caused the Golden Jubilee of The Queen’s Reign to be enthusiastically, widely and effectively promoted by the federal Government.  Sheila gave an entertaining anecdotal speech sometimes humourous, sometimes emotional and told the story of how - despite having republican sentiments as a youth - she transformed into an ardent monarchist.  She took the opportunity to convey her deep admiration and respect for The Queen, The Prince of Wales, and other members of the Royal Family - calling The Queen a role model for all Canadian women.

Following her speech, I presented Sheila with an Honorary Life Membership in the Monarchist League of Canada, a recognition she is very proud of.

I presented a second Honorary Life Membership to Nanda Casucci-Byrne.  Since 2003, Nanda has been the Private Secretary to the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario.  Previously, as Head of the Ontario Honours and Awards Secretariat, she positioned Ontario as a leader in the Canadian Honours System.  A great friend of the League, Nanda is truly honoured to be a new life member.

I would like to thank Their Honours, Sheila, Nanda, Taylor Scherberger, Graeme Scotchmer, Matthew Cutler, Sylvia Cook, the staff at the hotel, the luncheon patrons and contributors, and everyone who attended yesterday's luncheon.  Together, you made our event a great success.

Until next time,
Robert / The D.C.