Monday, 8 March 2010

The Queen, a role model for women everywhere

Today marks both Commonwealth Day and International Women's Day. That got me thinking about what I could possibly blog about to somehow tie together these two symbolically important dates. Then, I recalled something Sheila Copps said when she addressed our Accession Day luncheon last month.

The former Minister of Canadian Heritage, who gave an enthusiastic and passionate speech about the monarchy, told of her deep admiration and respect for the Royal Family and for The Queen in particular. Alluding to Her Majesty's hard work and tireless dedication to service, Sheila called The Queen "a role model" for women - and men - everywhere...and someone who all women should aspire to be like.

On this day, when the peoples of the world celebrate International Women's Day and when almost a billion of the world's citizens celebrate Commonwealth Day, I would like to especially pay homage to one of world's greatest women, the Head of the Commonwealth Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Her Majesty has served her peoples with grace and dignity for almost 60 years. The world is a better place - kinder, gentler, more peaceful, and less divided - because of our Queen. And for that I say thank-you, Ma'am.

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Jai Martinkovits said...

Great to see Commonwealth Day being celebrated in the other realms!

The Queen certainly is a great role model to all women, how appropraite!