Tuesday, 13 April 2010

A republican disgrace Down Under

A foolish example of creeping republicanism has turned into a major incident in Australia.  God Save The Queen, the Royal Anthem we share, has been brazenly banished from the Melbourne Anzac Day service on April 25th.  Most of our members are probably unfamiliar with Anzac Day, but it is a significant day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand to honour members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (Anzac) who fought in the battle of Gallipoli in Turkey during the First World War.

The Returned and Services League of Australia (the Australian equivalent to the Royal Canadian Legion) organizes Anzac Day services.  The RSL in the state of Victoria - aptly named after Queen Victoria - has dropped God Save The Queen from its Melbourne dawn service, resulting in a massive outcry amongst Australians.

Both major monarchist organizations in Australia - Australians For Constitutional Monarchy and the Australian Monarchist League - are leading the fight in the hopes that such a distasteful move can be reversed.

Here is an excllent post by ACM's National Convenor David Flint that explains why GSTQ has been dropped.  The reason?  That some people the organizers asked felt GSTQ was irrelevant.

Canadian monarchists know all too well the tactics of republicans.  When they can't get their way, they resort to removing and hiding visual evidence of the Crown.  Their hope is that by making the monarchy disappear people will simply forget about it and one day wake up as republicans.  Republicans know that they can't win the constitutional debate, so they are left performing the same tiresome, predictable, often childish stunts like this latest one Down Under.

Of course, we monarchists don't have to sit back.  In a previous post, I suggested we go on the offensive and beat the republicans at their own game.  It's called creeping monarchism and it works!

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Felicity Pickup said...

re "the same tiresome, predictable, often childish stunts like this latest one"

Aptly described. Also, decent of you not to call it just "cheap" or "dirty" tactics. But then monarchists always play fair (our weakness).

radical royalist said...

TYhank you, Bob, for drawing the attention to this disgraceful decision of the RSL's president. Massive protests are necessary to reverse Mr. McLachlan's decision.