Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Queen Elizabeth II: MVP

The Queen is our country's MVP. 

At last night's official dinner in Toronto, Prime Minister Stephen Harper told The Queen, “You are not only victorious, happy and glorious; you are also Canada’s most valuable player.”  He then called on Her Majesty to unveil a new exhibit (pictured) in her honour to be housed at the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Of course, Canadians fondly recall that quintessential Canadian moment in 2002 during The Queen's Golden Jubilee when Her Majesty dropped the ceremonial puck at a hockey game in Vancouver.

As Canada's head of state, The Queen is the centrepiece of Canada's government and national psyche.  Laws are passed in her name.  She appoints the Governor General, who, in turn, opens, prorogues and dissolves Parliament.  She is the fount of Canadian Honours.  Her effigy appears on our coins and her portrait hangs in our courtrooms.  Yes, she is very much Canada's most valuable player.

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