Saturday, 3 July 2010

Royal Tour keeps us all busy

Hi everyone,

As we're now more than half way through the 2010 Royal Tour (time flies when you're having fun!) I thought  I'd take the opportunity to say a big thank-you to all of our volunteers who are doing the League proud.  Our media team is in overdrive, our social media (Facebook and Twitter) is attracting new followers daily, our website continues to attract record hits, and, yes, we're busy welcoming new members to the League.  Within the first hours of the Royal Tour, we welcomed over 20 new members to the League.

Without question, the monarchist mood of Canadians has taken a grip.  The crowds have been huge.  Media coverage has been excellent.  And, no one is talking about a republic.

I truly believe that the genuine support for the monarchy that we are seeing amongst Canadians is in no small way thanks to the good work of the Monarchist League of Canada.  We can give ourselves a pat on the back and be proud of our accomplishments.

Keep up the good work, my friends.  And, let's keep busy!



djhaisell said...

There was one pro-republic editorial in the Hamilton Spectator unfortunately. Even so, the visit has generated much more positive press than negative.

Marion Boon said...


Thank you for all the excellent information on this website and for your Blog. I am member of the League and I am pleased with the recent changes you have made. The League is much more upbeat these days and it is wonderful to see the turnout for the Queen's visit.

I live down in the the Niagara region and I am thinking of travelling up to Toronto on Tuesday to see the Queen. Any advice as to time I should arrive, and where the best position might be at Queen's Park. I recently moved from Alberta so not too sure about travel times etc.

Marion Boon